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Social Service Program

The objective of this service is to support the improvement in the well-being of clients – entrepreneurs and their families by facilitating the provision of appropriate health, education, and other social services and interventions directly and/or through the regular delivery systems.


To facilitate the provision and delivery of basic social services to clients and their families


To support deserving students of good performing clients and centers achieve their goals by providing the necessary educational assistance 


To promote center – managed community development programs and activities for increased community awareness and participation in local development initiatives


To promote disaster preparedness and risk reduction at the client and family level

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  • A. Scholarship

    JMH provides financial assistance to deserving and qualified children of its client who want to pursue college education on both Academic and Technical degrees. This program is awarded yearly to qualified and deserving client’s children, who passed the criteria and qualifications.

  • B. Youth Development Program

    This program provides Youth Development Activities (Youth Camps, Leadership and Life-skills Seminars) for the children of clients.

  • C. Educational Supplies Assistance Program.

    A program designed to give School Supply Assistance to the clients’ children, enrolled in either public elementary or secondary school. This School Supply Assistance Program aims to help the loyal and performing clients, if not partly free them on their financial worries for the Educational supply of their children.

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  • A. Dental Hygiene Campaign

    A health awareness program for the client’s children through an Oral Hygiene Campaign, where children are being taught on proper ways of brushing, and the importance of having a healthy mouth and gums. This activity is being done yearly in selected centers/ barangays in each branch.

  • B. Medical and Dental Mission

    An activity facilitated annually that provides free medical and dental services to clients as well as to the general public.

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  • A. Disaster Awareness and Preparedness Training

    Training on the standard protocols in Disaster Awareness and Preparedness to all JMH core staff and its client-member. This training will enable them to be aware of the characteristics of various disasters and the standard protocols on Disaster preparedness. This program will be the first phase in the creation and implementation of Disaster Risk Reduction Management.

  • B. Calamity Assistance

    Provision of calamity assistance for the clients affected by either natural or man-made calamities; like a typhoon, floods, fire, volcanic eruption, landslide, tsunami, and storm surges. A certain amount will be accrued based on the active number of clients. The accrued amount will be used for the distribution of relief goods to the affected clients, in times of disaster.

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SSS Facilitation

  • A program designed to assist all interested clients who want to avail government-related benefits like SSS and PhilHealth. JMH will serve as a bridge of clients to government institutions and will assist them on the enrollment process and in remittance of payment.

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Community Services

  • Community Service is a non-paying job performed by a person or a group of people for the benefit of the community or institutions. For JMH, it is an activity developed for the communities, to raise awareness on the environment, social services, help its stakeholders, other than its members-clients, as an extension of its financial assistance.

    This program is implemented with the support from JMH as partnership activities between Centers and Clients and the Barangay LGUs or the local parishes.

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PSA Document Requests

  • In response to the absences of certified birth and marriage certificates of our member-clients, JMH facilitates an online request for issuance of a copy of Civil Registry documents such as birth certificate, marriage certificate, death certificates as well as Certificate of No Marriage Record (CENOMAR) from PSA (Philippines Statistics Authority) through the JMH Online Processing Service”.

  • The objectives of this service are as follows:

    ● As a response to member-clients’ concerns in complying requirements for claiming benefits, SSS registration and updating of member’s data.

    ● To facilitate the member-clients for copy issuance of Civil Registry documents mentioned above so that the client-member need not travel to distant PSA serbilis centers to spend time, effort, and money.