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Members’ Development

This program is a series of training activities delivered directly to client-member, especially to the Center Officers. The objective of this program is to capacitate and empower clients for increased role performance and participation in centers and communities.

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Center Officers' Training and Forum

  • Center officers training or Center Chiefs forum aims to bring all Center Chiefs into a cluster, for faster facilitation of project, activities, and information dissemination. It also gives chance to members to bring their comments, suggestions, and recommendation to the management, as well as their feedback about the program.

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Center Management Training

  • Train Center Officers and members, on the basic principles, concepts, and characteristics of a group. It also focused on characteristics of an effective group, effective leader, and be an effective member. This capacity-building training aims to develop a sense of responsibility and belongingness not only for its center officers but as well as its member.

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Leadership Training

  • “Leadership is the art of motivating a group of people to act towards achieving a common goal. It involves establishing a clear vision and sharing that vision with others so that they will follow willingly. This definition of leadership is the one that we want to instill in our Center Leaders so that they can be a asset to our Account Officers in managing and maintaining good centers. This training empowers our center officers.

  • A. Refresher Training for Center Officers on JMH policies, products, and services.

  • B. Client Development

    An enrichment training program designed to give training to target clientele that will focus on the development of their well-being. This training can be used to improve themselves and help them acquire additional ideas and information on topics like; personality development, hygiene and sanitation, values formation and realignment, and general ideas.