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Enterprise Development

Enterprise Development Services is a program that aims to give business assistance programs to micro-entrepreneur clients. Thus, its main objective is:


To support the stability and growth of clients’ enterprises for increased incomes and greater access to economic opportunities.


Assist clients and families with their livelihood and business activities through appropriate enterprise development and enhancement interventions.


Assist clients and families develop alternative livelihoods and enterprises to address negative impact caused by seasonal and market fluctuations


Provide training and referral services to clients in enterprise management and development

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Enterprise Development Program

  • It is a development program for the micro or small businesses so that they can grow, become sustainable, create new jobs, and most of all can stay in the market.

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Livelihood Development Program

  • Providing an alternative business or livelihood opportunity for a target clientele, which will give them an alternative or additional source of income, to meet the increasing needs of the family.

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Enterprise Management Training

  • Provision of training or mentoring by suitably qualified entities or resource person to microentrepreneur clients, that will assist them to increase their operational or financial capacity.

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Business Name Registration

  • Assisting clients in registering their business names with the Department of Trade and Industry.

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  • An assistance given to clients in getting a BMBE certificate that will eventually entitle them with benefits in accordance with the Republic Act No. 9178, An Act to Promote The Establishment Of Barangay Micro Business Enterprises (Bmbes), Providing Incentives And Benefits Therefor, And For Other Purposes.

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  • An assistance provided to clients in registering to Registry System for Basic Sectors in Agriculture (RSBSA)