by: AACope|2021

“Nagsimula ito dahil sa impluwensya ni papa.” (It started because of my father’s influence). Shaila’s skills in dressmaking and tailoring are inherited from his late father, Edmundo Malite. One of the well-known veteran tailor in Castilla, Sorsogon. Since childhood, she and her other siblings usually helped their parents in their tailoring business.


In 2009, Shaila initially started printing fabrics like sportswear. In able to enhance her skills, in 2015, she underwent training in Dressmaking NC II at TESDA-Sorsogon National Agriculture School and gained an outstanding performance. She is very passionate about designing dresses and gowns. “Ako mismo ‘yung gumagawa ng sariling kong designs. Nagri-research ako sa internet ng ibang designs ng mga gown at kung paano ang paggawa.”  (I was the one who makes my own designs. I do research for some of the designs of the gown on the internet including the techniques on how to make them).


The business was inherited from her father. It is a family business but Shaila administered and managed it while her mother and her other siblings focused on the production. It was also named after her father’s nickname “Ed” who was mistakenly pronounced by his father’s friends as “Head” which means “Ulo” in Tagalog. In short, he is a well-known “Brain of Tailoring” in Castilla, Sorsogon. Before, when the business is under her father’s hand, the proof of its legitimacy is a barangay permit only. But when her father passed away, Shaila continued and formalized the business by registering and applying for business permits and licenses to have a legal identity because most of her customers are employees of public schools and other government agencies. She also caters to bank employees, security guards, army and barangay officials. She also wants to maintain the trust and loyalty of her father’s customers including potential customers. At present, her established markets are schools in Sorsogon such as Cumadcad High School, San Rafael High School, Bagong Sirang High School, Burabod Elementary School, and TESDA-Sorsogon National Agriculture School.


Shaila is also a generous businesswoman. Being a major work immersion partner of San Rafael National High School, she shares her knowledge and skills to develop future dressmakers and tailors. She accepts and trains Senior High School OJT students. One of the reasons why she also continued her father’s business is to continuously help their dressmaker-workers in having a stable job and income.


COVID-19 pandemic threatens and has negative effects on the financial status of other businesses. Shaila’s business was affected because of disallowing events and occasions such as debut, basketball tournament, and Santa Cruzan. However, Shaila uses her resourcefulness and creativity to run her business amid the crisis. She innovated fashionable 3-in-1 turmask – a combination of cloth face mask, turban or headband, and scrunchy. She also customized a fashionable 4-in-1 turmask which includes the trending dolphin/TIKTOK shorts. She also customized trending sleepwear such as terno shorts and nightdresses. When COVID-19 pandemic started, the cloth face mask was in demand. She received bulk orders from the different barangays and other municipalities outside Sorsogon Province. She also tried customizing sling and shoulder bags made of genuine leather. Because of her perseverance, and being active in social media, she added an online trading business of beauty products, car cleaners, and footwear. Because of this, some of her online customers became her resellers. Her market scope expanded not just in Bicol but also in Batangas and Metro Manila. She accepts meet-ups, shipping, and door-to-door deliveries.


Shaila is a single mom to her two (2) children. Her two (2) children are her source of strength and inspiration. She is a very courageous, independent-minded, and diligent woman. She is truly a business-minded woman. She always invests her time and money in her business. “Sayang ang pera kung gagastusin sa kung saan-saan. Ang ginagawa ko pag may sobrang pera, binibili ko ulit ng mga materyales na kailangan sa negosyo o di kaya ginagamit kong kapital kung may naisip akong idagdag na pwedeng pagkakitaan.” (Money will be wasted if it will be spent on invaluable things. I utilize my excess money in buying materials needed for my business or use it as capital for other income-generating activities.)