The New Home Office

by: By MBColumna | 2017

Finally, the dream of JMH Microfinance, Inc. to own an office has been fulfilled.
For 13 years, JMH’s main office used to rent at small apartments in Daraga,Albay and Legazpi City making it difficult for the home office to cater a large group during the conduct of meetings, seminars, workshops, trainings and the like. With its growing workforce, work space was also a challenge because it affects employees’ working conditions and productivity. JMH dreamed of having its own home and after 13 years, it was finally realized.
The Center for Resources and Human Development (CRH Development Center), JMH’s new home office, is located at Salugan, Camalig, Albay along the national highway. JMH’s growth in the last thirteen years gave them an avenue to extend their outreach, expand its branches and increase the number of employees.
Construction of CRH started in August 31, 2015 and was inaugurated in February 8, 2017. The CRH building is not only JMH’s new home office but is also known as Mi Corazon Convention Center. It serves as a venue for training and seminars for the staff and its member-clients and is likewise open to the public for training, seminars, social functions and events.
The home office is a testament to one of its corporate values: commitment to continuous learning -“We thirst for knowledge to improve and innovate for the holistic growth of our human capital. “It is also a testament to the dedication of JMH to provide the best possible facilities to its clients and employees. It is also pledge to live by the tenet of its beloved Chairman and President, Mrs. Corazon R. Honrado:“The ladder of success is taken one step at a time; calculated with precision and determination, replete with grateful disposition.”