New Products and Partners for the New Normal

by: JLGranado | 2020

With the effects of the COVID19- pandemic causing virus, many of us have suddenly been forced to adjust to the ‘new normal’.

Alternative work arrangements were implemented, while some are working from home with the help of their gadgets and the internet connection

Also, aside from wearing facemasks and face shields when leaving the household, face-to-face or in-person classes were suspended, as result, parents are home-schooling their children or in, either way, the students are attending online classes through the available platforms.

The online businesses also thrived during the lockdown periods because aside from the fear of contracting the virus outside, and violating government’s protocols, the majority of the consumers preferred convenience through shopping and buying necessities online and paying through e-money transactions as well as cash on deliveries.

The use of online platforms to cope with the new normal is undeniably convenient when the resources are available. But how about those who can’t ride on the new way of life because they are incapable of acquiring such digital equipment?

This is the motivation that had driven JMH Microfinance, Inc., to come up with a new loan product that will enable their clients in keeping up with the new normal.

At first, it was added as an enhancement for the existing Educational Loan. Now, the AKAP, acronym for “Alalay na Kagamitan at Aparato sa Pagnenegosyo” was conceived with the primary goal to provide access and opportunity for member-clients in managing their businesses with the help of modern technology and as well as to help their children in continuing studies, complying to required classes done online.

In this new loan product, the clients can avail of units such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop sets – the most needed electronics to attend online classes or manage businesses in social media platforms such as Facebook.

The conceptualization of the AKAP was been made in partnership with ComWorks, one of the country’s largest wholesalers of telecommunications services and mobile network equipment.

The world is evolving, and the pandemic served as one of the causes for humanity to adapt and continue living. This adaptation is more meaningful when we can aid those incapables of adjusting their way of life due to lack of resource

AKAP is now the aid offered by the JMH to its clients for them to acquire knowledge to make their businesses grow and secure livelihood in keeping up with the evolving world, thus also helping them to continue living.