by: JLGranado | 2021

With the restrictions brought by the pandemic, the world has gone remote. All industries, particularly those considered as essentials moved to new normal processes- healthcare providers are one of these.

Online or consultations through mobile are one of the strategies to provide healthcare service continuously to clients. Since in-person appointments are limited, it was timely that CashKO Insurance Brokerage a RuralNet Subsidiary has offered their TeleKonsulta Service to JMH.

In the 3rd quarter of the year 2021, JMH availed of the TeleKonsulta Service and enrolled all its staff members. The twenty (P20.00) pesos per head cover 24/7 access to call center nurses and doctors, video, audio, and text-based service interactions, electronic prescription, laboratory requests, and medical certificates.

Online consultation, though new to some, is a convenient way to address health concerns for individuals who have difficulties in accessing health facilities. Saving time in traveling or going to clinics is also one of its perks aside from the inexpensive fee.

With further study, the service will be extended to the clients of JMH. In the meantime, JMH continues to avail of the TeleKonsulta for its staff members.