JMH Microfinance Rewards Exemplary Clients

by: JLGranado | 2022

In a groundbreaking event, JMH Microfinance, Inc. recently conducted its first-ever raffle promo through a live broadcast on Facebook. This momentous occasion marked a significant milestone in the company’s history, as it embraced the pow er of social media to engage with its clients in an innovative way.

With a generous budget of 500,000 pesos allocated for the promo, JMH Microfinance aimed to reward its loyal customers with exciting pack ages. These prizes included a range of offerings that catered to different needs and aspirations, including the much-awaited Noche Buena package comprising essential groceries, a Palamigan Showcase, a Carenderia package, and a Sari-Sari Store package.

The winners, carefully selected through qualifying parameters, eagerly anticipated the arrival of their respective packages. JMH Microfinance went the extra mile to ensure that the items were promptly delivered to their branches and personally awarded to the deserving clients.

Among the lucky winners, 260 individuals were thrilled to receive the Noche Buena package valued at 1,000 pesos each. This bundle of provisions promised to enhance their holiday celebrations and bring joy to their homes. Additionally, 20 winners were rewarded with the Palamigan Showcase, an exciting prize worth 5,000 pesos, which offered a refreshing and convenient way to keep their beverages cool. Moreover, 15 fortunate clients were bestowed with the Carenderia package, valued at 8,000 pesos, allowing them to expand and improve their food businesses. Lastly, 10 winners rejoiced as they received the coveted Sari-Sari Store package worth an impressive 10,000pesos, empowering them to enhance their existing stores or embark on an entrepreneurial journey.

The raffle promo spanned three consecutive Fridays during the final quarter of 2022, creating an atmosphere of anticipation and excitement. Beyond the chance to win these remarkable prizes, the live broadcast also provided audiences with an opportunity to engage in interactive trivia sessions, where winners could secure additional rewards in the form of cellphone load credits.

In an evaluation survey conducted by the Client Development and Services Department, the overwhelming feedback from participants was one of immense appreciation and satisfaction. Clients expressed gratitude for the raffle promo and eagerly expressed their anticipation for future events of this nature, eagerly looking forward to what JMH Microfinance has in store for 2023.

The success of the Facebook Live raffle promo signifies JMH Microfinance’s commitment to staying connected with its clients, embracing digital platforms, and going beyond conventional means to engage and reward their loyal customer base. As the company continues to explore innovative ways to enhance its services, one thing remains certain – the relationship between JMH Microfinance and its clients will only grow stronger, creating a mutually beneficial partnership that will thrive well into the future.