JMH Microfinance Empowers Farmers with Financial Literacy Training in Partnership with ACPC

by: JLGranado | 2022

JMH Microfinance, Inc., in collaboration with the Agricultural Credit Policy Council (ACPC), recently organized a transformative Financial Literacy training program aimed at empowering farmer-clients with essential knowledge and skills.

The comprehensive training sessions were conducted across JMH’s areas of operations, benefiting a total of 149 small farmers and fisherfolk. Recognizing the crucial role that financial education plays in fostering sustainable agricultural practices, JMH Microfinance actively sought to equip its clients with the tools necessary to make informed decisions and maximize their potential for growth.

As a trusted partner conduit of the ACPC, JMH Microfinance serves as a crucial link in delivering government-offered loans to Filipinos engaged in agriculture and aquaculture businesses. This strategic partnership allows JMH Microfinance to extend its reach and support a wider range of individuals who rely on these loans to sustain and expand their agricultural ventures.

Through the Financial Literacy training, participants were introduced to fundamental concepts and practices that are vital for their financial well-being.

The collaborative effort between JMH Microfinance and ACPC exemplifies their shared commitment to empowering Filipino farmers and fisherfolk by providing them with access to crucial financial resources and comprehensive training. By investing in the financial literacy and well-being of their clients, JMH Microfinance and ACPC are driving positive change and empowering individuals to build sustainable livelihoods for themselves and their communities.

As JMH Microfinance continues to serve as a bridge between government programs and agricultural entrepreneurs, they remain dedicated to expanding their outreach and creating lasting impact in the lives of their clients. Through ongoing collaborations and innovative initiatives, JMH Microfinance and ACPC strive to strengthen the agricultural sector and uplift the lives of Filipino farmers and fisherfolk, paving the way for a more prosperous and resilient nation.