JMH: A Microfinance With A Heart

by: MBColumna | 2017

Before the year 2017 ended, JMH was able to develop a meaningful, powerful and valuable brand concept. This was the result of the Branding Development Workshop conducted last December 1-2 participated by representatives of all positions in JMH who are known as the brand champions.

Emerson N. Moral, JMH’s consultant, facilitated the two-day workshop on branding. He gave a brief discussion on the importance of branding, its purpose and its aim. Together with the brand champions, they had brainstormed in a series of workshops to come up with a new brand concept for JMH that would establish a significant and differentiated presence in the market will attract and retain loyal customers.

As brand champions, they commit to lead the brand building in JMH, live out the brand in the workplace, shall be instrumental in teaching the brand with the co-workers and lead in promoting the brand to the customers. With this improved brand concept,

JMH continually build rational and emotional relationship between the brand and the customer, strengthen brand-customer relationship by the continuous ability of the brand to satisfy customer needs and motivate customer wants and consider what messages and actions the brand must undertake and how these messages and actions are communicated to customers. JMH believes that every successful business is built on the foundation of a solid brand. Once this is realized, there is no denying the significance of the role that the brand plays in marketing.