by: JLGranado | 2021

dis.rupt.or noun – a company or form of technology that causes a radical change in an existing industry or market by means of innovation.

The pandemic is either a problem to solve or an opportunity to cease. All sectors have been affected by the restrictions, but some have escalated because their services are needed.

Companies that experimented and became the disruptors of their industry have reaped what they sow. With these innovations, and the people who chose convenience, a digital ecology has been built hence e-commerce and digital payments are now essential.

To be one of these opportunists is what JMH Microfinance Inc., is aiming for. The first MFI that will modernize payments and loan disbursement is what JMH is envisioning these coming years.

In 2022, JMH plans to maximize the gift of technology. With its affiliate companies, (Rural Bank of Guinobatan, Inc. and JMH IT Solutions, Inc.) a digital platform will be developed to facilitate services for client payments as well as loan proceeds disbursement.

With the Core Banking System (CBS), ready, the development of mobile apps is now the priority-apps that will provide ease to accomplishing tasks and convenience to clients.