Building JMH’s Digital Ecosystem

by: JLGranado | 2020

The Philippines’ pandemic lockdown was described as one of the longest with restrictions in going outside and limited transportation, people opt to acquire necessities with the use of modern technology.

Shopping is done with just a few gestures of the fingers and the items are paid for with their e-money.

The innovations from the Information Technology industry are quite being helpful especially these kinds of times where in-person transactions are being prohibited.

Spotlights are now on the powerful and convenient uses of automated operations using a computer and most significantly mobile applications.

Mobile apps are now rewriting the rules of competition with incumbent companies most at risk of being left behind.

To cope up with the trend, or stay competitive, companies are now committing to transform themselves into full digital businesses.

It is therefore why JMH is envisioning building a digital ecosystem these coming years not only to provide convenience to the clients but also to lessen the workloads of its frontline workers.

The conceptualization of Rural Bank of Guinobatan, Inc’s mobile banking app (now with the name Asenso App) has also brought light to the creation of the Loan Origination App, and the JMH Mobile Payment App.

The said mobile applications will be the key to incorporate the clients as well as the employees in the digital transformation, therefore, leaving the traditional practices such as branch releases and the non-eco-friendly paper consuming procedures.

These apps will be a milestone for JMH and will set bars in the industry of microfinance.

This will begin the trend of being digitized which entails moving from analog to digital data for streamlining existing processes.

JMH is confident enough to launch the said apps when ready because it has the main component in implementing such which is the Core Banking System or RBSofTech – a system proudly developed by its sister company, the JMH IT Solutions.

As the leaders of JMH are always reiterating that the digital transformation is already there, and the only way to proceed is to change the mindset of the stakeholders and encourage everyone to step on the journey and be part of building the digital ecosystem.

With the existence of the pandemic that causes inconveniences for both internal and external stakeholders, JMH’s mobile apps with its core banking system will surely boost this encouragement, thus leading its stakeholders to the path of the digital, convenient, and secure ecology.