2022 Non-Financial Services Highlights

by: JLGranado | 2022

Expanding Horizons

The Scholarship Program has witnessed remarkable growth, now boasting 75 active scholars for the 2022-2023 school year. This includes two seminarians, illustrating the program’s commitment to diverse educational paths. With the addition of 49 new scholars, the program is maintaining an impressive 128 scholars this year. However, it is equally important to celebrate the achievements of the 20 scholars who graduated in 2022, equipped with knowledge and skills to contribute to society.

Nurturing Aspirations

Within the Scholarship Program, the Mommy Chonnie Scholarship Program deserves special recognition for its financial assistance to two scholars pursuing a Theology degree at the esteemed Holy Rosary Major Seminary in Naga City. By investing in their theological education, this program supports the spiritual growth and development of individuals who will play vital roles within their communities.

Igniting Entrepreneurship

The program has facilitated the registration of 259 applications for DTI business names, enabling aspiring entrepreneurs to formalize their ventures. Furthermore, 91 client-entrepreneurs have received endorsements for Barangay Micro Business Enterprise (BMBE) registration, providing them with the necessary legal framework and support. The program’s partnership with Go Negosyo’s KMME-MME Online Business Mentorship Program has also equipped five clients engaged in food and handicraft manufacturing with valuable guidance and expertise. Through business coaching, product packaging assistance, and skills training, the program empowers entrepreneurs to thrive and contribute to local economies.

Building Capacity

JMH’s Program has endorsed farmers for registration in the Registry System for Basic Sectors in Agriculture (RSBSA), offering them access to vital resources and opportunities. Additionally, financial literacy programs conducted in 34 branches have equipped 1,368 client members with essential knowledge and skills to make informed financial decisions, fostering economic resilience within the communities.

Online Services and Support

Through the PSA Online Processing Service and SSS Facilitation Services, 444 client members have been efficiently assisted, simplifying administrative processes. Moreover, the program has harnessed the potential of online platforms and social media marketing to promote the businesses of 262 client entrepreneurs, empowering them to reach broader audiences and expand their market presence.

Transforming Communities

JMH Microfinance, Inc. is making a profound impact in rural communities through their commitment to financial empowerment and environmental stewardship. Through initiatives like community gardens and the development of a paperless app, the organization is fostering self-sufficiency and sustainability. The community gardens, initiated during the pandemic, continue to provide fresh vegetables for clients, ensuring food security and fostering resilience. In their dedication to reducing paper waste, JMH Microfinance is developing an innovative app, simplifying financial transactions while preserving natural resources.

In collaboration with government agencies, JMH Microfinance recently spearheaded a tree-planting campaign, resulting in the planting of a thousand trees across the countryside. This environmental commitment goes hand in hand with their mission, extending their impact beyond financial assistance. Looking ahead, JMH Microfinance plans to relaunch a dental hygiene campaign in the coming year, recognizing the importance of oral health in overall well-being. By providing access to dental hygiene kits and promoting awareness, they aim to empower rural communities and foster holistic well-being. JMH Microfinance’s unwavering dedication to financial inclusion, environmental sustainability, and community empowerment continues to transform lives and shape a brighter future for rural areas. Their efforts serve as an inspiration for communities to embrace their potential and work towards a prosperous and sustainable tomorrow.