Company Strategy

A progressive organization devoted for the advancement of the quality of life of its stakeholders.
To sustainably provide responsive and efficient financial and value-added services for socio economic improvement of the enterprising less privileged.
To be the MFI choice of the region.
Dedication to Excellence
We provide superior work quality in everything that we do.
Passion for Quality Service
We provide genuine, responsive and excellent service to our internal and external customers.
Commitment to Continuous Learning
We thirst for knowledge to improve and innovate for the holistic growth of our human capital.
We uphold teamwork and mutual trust in achieving our goals.
Core Values

Success Principles

  1. Participate and Contribute – because growth is everyone’s responsibility
  2. Pursue excellence – excellence is essential for everyone to succeed and grow
  3. Share knowledge – I will let knowledge lead in to action
  4. Listen and communicate – I will build on trust, because our customers and co-workers deserve our best
  5. Keep it simple – I will make it easy for our customers and co-workers to work with us
  6. Exceed customer expectations – every contact I make is an opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to quality service
  7. Be a leader – everyone should be a leader, even if I lead only myself
  8. Work as a Team – because together everyone achieves more
  9. Live the Golden Rule – I will treat others with respect because we all want to succeed
  10. Have fun – If I am not having fun, I will figure out why and change it