Non-financial Services

Value Added Services

Value Added Service Program are designed to deliver non-financial service to its stakeholders, as response to advocacy of the Honrado Family, to help those marginalized youth who want to finish their education in college, through its Scholarship program. As time passed, JMH focused not only on education, but also assist its clients-member, in developing them into a responsible and empowered micro-entrepreneur through different training and program.

Programs and Services

Program and services of Value Added Service program were categorized into three (3) components, such as Social Service Program, Membership Development Program and Enterprise Development Service Program.

Social Service Program

Social services are a range of public services provided by the government, non-government and non-profit organization, which aim to create more effective organization, build stronger communities and promote equality and opportunity (Wikipedia). The objective of this service is to support the improvement in the well-being of client – entrepreneurs and their families by facilitating the provision of appropriate health, education and other social services and interventions directly and/or through the regular delivery systems.
  • To facilitate the provision and delivery of basic social services to clients and their families
  • To support deserving students of good performing clients and centers achieve their goals by providing the necessary educational assistance
  • To promote center – managed community development programs and activities for increased community awareness and participation in local development initiatives
  • To promote disaster preparedness and risk reduction at the client and family level

Membership Development Services

This program is a series of training activities delivered directly to client-member, especially to the Center Officers. The objective of this program is to capacitate and empower clients for increased role performance and participation in centers and communities.

Enterprise Development Services

Enterprise Development Services is a program that aims to give business assistance program to micro-entrepreneur clients. Thus, its main objective is:
  • To support the stability and growth of clients’ enterprises for increased incomes and greater access to economic opportunities
  • Assist clients and families with their livelihood and business activities through appropriate enterprise development and enhancement interventions
  • Assist clients and families develop alternative livelihoods and enterprises to address negative impact caused by seasonal and market fluctuations
  • Provide trainings and referral services to clients in enterprise management and development


Training/ Activity Title Objectives
Training on Administrative Functions of Managers – To review the administrative functions
– To rectify some admin lapses especially in checking reports
– To upgrade the admin knowledge of all BMs
Enrichment Seminar for Account Officers – To apply good customer servicing practices
– To develop a winning attitude and improve self-esteem
Leadership Training – To create and maintain an efficient and effective leader
– To strengthen technique for managing the performancce of the team
Refresher Course – To review and be able to synchronize the policies and procedures of operation
– To rectify some operation lapses which might lead to more complicated situations
Summer Outing/ Team Building – To create a harmonious relationship with co-worker
– To emphasize leadership skills as integral to great teamwork to give opportunity to have some fun
Disaster Preparedness – To know how to overcome the effects of disaster or calamities
– To determine the concrete preparation prior to the disasters
Tree Planting – To explore the situation of plant/trees in relation to the natural resources we have
– To prevent natural calamities
Center Chief Forum / Center Chief Organization – To empower center leaders
– To help in organizaing the activities of our clients
– To assist in expanding or broaden the activities needed by the clients
Dental Hygiene and Feeding -To improve the dental condition of the children through teaching of proper way of tooth brushing and avoiding foods that cause tooth decay
Clean-Up Drive – To show our concern to the community through participation
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