Financial Services


KABUHAYAN Loan Program

KABUHAYAN Microfinance Loan Program – “KAunlaran sa BUhay HAngo sa YAman ng Negosyo” is a group loan product for microenterprises. It aims to make available and affordable credit to micro-enterpreneurs, helping them to expand their present business activities and increase their incomes. It focuses on microenterprises that generate regular business income.

Educational Loan

The EdLoan Product is an incentive loan to individual clients for showing good performance. The purpose of the EdLoan is to partly address the educational requirement of dependents of member clients as a substantial percentage of clients use partly or fully their working capital for these needs thus, adversely affecting the viability of their microenterprises resulting to business losses and the eventual dropout of clients.

Palayan Loan

The loan product is an incentive to members with good performance this time providing opportunity for the men folk to participate in JMH program.

Solar Loan

The loan product to be developed will address the microenterprise limitations brought about by the power situation and the climatic condition in the area. Thus, the loan product will have to:

  • address the concern for household alternative power sources to save on electricity cost and during power outages; as well as,
  • provide opportunity for clients to be more efficient in their production and processing activities.

The loan product shall also encourage fishing households to venture into fish processing as appropriate alternative green products and technologies are promoted and utilized as options to traditional fish drying methods.

Satellite Cable TV Loan

The Satellite Cable TV Loan is an incentive loan to qualified clients who wants to own a Sky Cable TV. Most clients cannot afford to buy a Satellite Cable TV on their own that is why JMH came up with this product.

AGaP Loan

The objective of this program is to demonstrate the viability of the individual methodology using the daily repayment/collection scheme in the pursuit of holistic development (ganap na pag-unlad) of micro, small and medium entrepreneurs through a progressive (mapag-bago) and responsive (nakakabigay-tugon) approach in microfinance, which is an enhancement of the usual lending approaches currently used by existing lending groups in the area.

Savings Component

While being a member, the client is required to save by putting a part of their weekly amortization to their savings account. The purpose of which is to raise their capital and/or make funds readily available for their own personal needs.


In partnership with Country Bankers, JMH clients are insured in times of uncertainties such as the Land Bank of the Philippines and the Small Business Corporation (SBCorp).

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