JMH and its Leaders

July 27, 2018
The year 2017 was a year of triumph and difficulties – of significant change for the entire JMH family. A significant milestone is the transition of JMH from a Foundation to a Microfinance NGO. JMH has renewed its vigor and interest to transform itself into a real, socially involved MF NGO. JMH Microfinance, Inc. (JMH) formerly J.M Honrado Foundation, Inc. (JMHFI) was officially registered on October 7, 2004, under SEC Registration No. 29482 with the goal of alleviating poverty and promote socio-economic development in the region. On May 16, 2017, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) approved the application of JMH to amend the company name from J.M. Honrado Foundation, Inc. to JMH Microfinance, Inc. Its  primary purpose was also amended, which is now: “to implement a microenterprise development strategy and provide microfinance programs, products and services such as micro credit and micro savings.” The amended by-laws of the JMH also provides for a secondary purpose which is: “to establish, develop and promote scholarship grants to qualified children of clients and to establish a center for resource and human development that would serve as a venue for capacity-building training needs, trade fairs and other business-related events of the institution and to offer the said facility to the public for a fee.” One of the difficulties encountered was the untimely passing of JMH’s founding Chairman and President, Corazon R. Honrado last March, 2017. “Mommy”, as she was fondly called, died of liver cirrhosis. Due to her untimely passing of the late President and Chairman of the Board,and one of its Board of Trustee members, there were also changes in the governing board. Ms. Charisma D. Lascota, the former Admin and HR Head, was appointed as the new President, while Mr. Paulo R. Honrado, the former Vice-President, was appointed as Chairman of the Board. Victor Emmanuel Castro was also appointed to replace the position vacated by the death of one of its BOT member. In a statement, Ms. Lascota shared to her JMH family that Mommy Chonie did not leave them with nothing. “Mommy left a lasting legacy that leaders in their generation will continue. She provided a home, a beautiful and sturdy home that will stand the test of time. In those trying times, Mommy made JMH realize that there is a greater purpose in all their difficulties and sorrow.” Ms. Lascota started as a bookkeeper at Sorsogon branch. She then explored multiple roles in the organization that lead her to the person that she is today.